53 North Group

The 53North Group help companies to adopt an asset management standard that has real meaning through the provision of asset care, reliability and lubrication based services that are targeted at delivering real world improvements in manufacturing performance.

53Norths standards, principles, technologies and services are all built on the documented science of life cycle asset management but remain in keeping with each of its clients corporate policies to support management and people engagement. 53North have a vast amount of experience in the application and delivery of asset care solutions.

To improve productivity, the performance and reliability of the physical assets is fundamental, therefore 53North focus on the physical mechanisms, the development of maintenance practice and provide support to the people who are practising it. This includes the development of Asset Care Packages and Preventative Maintenance Standards to improve equipment life cycles.

Therefore, 53North provide a fiscally sound and proactive approach that utilises expertise combined with applied sciences, risk management techniques and condition based technologies to ensure that the optimum performance can be achieved.

The Asset Care Company

53 North Services

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