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53North can supply specialist asset management products and equipment in support of the services developed. Below is a non exhaustive list of the types of products 53North have expertise in.

Oil Analysis is one of the most cost-effective maintenance solutions and to support our clients in obtaining accurate and representative samples, in a fast, timely manner 53North supply the equipment to meet these needs.  53North have also developed oil sampling ports to fit almost any application, which support online sample collection and reduce the need for outage time or lock off. 53North also supply the relevant sample bottles, labels, sampling pumps, and free post envelopes to make sampling easy.

Oil is often replaced due to build-up of contaminants or wear debris, when the oil chemistry itself is perfectly fine.  When this is a large sump, it generates high cost for oil replacement, significantly more outage time, and higher waste.  Therefore, 53North design and build filtration systems bespoke to our client’s needs. Filtration systems can be plugged in online or remain continuous in order to remove debris in suspension with easy to replace filters.  Added to the benefits is machine performance, as the life blood of the asset is kept clean.  Therefore, there is no longer any reason to replace oil at high cost or take a machine down for no reason.  To discuss OFS in more detail contact 53North to discover more.

It is often found that the next step in reliability is improvements to machinery lubrication.   In support of DLS (Development of Lubrication Schedules), 53North also provide the equipment to ensure correct application takes place.  This includes the design of oil stores with built in filtration options with COSHH Controls, to ensure control of cleanliness and removal of incompatibilities, which provides peace of mind for those carrying food grade lubricants.  However, supply also incorporates numerous storage, handling or application tools; which includes grease guns, oil safe containers, containment options, colour coding tags, barrel pumps and much more.

53North offer a range of purposely designed sensors for the collection of vibration, or stress wave data.  Sensors can be IP or ATEX rated and suitable for manual, remote or online monitoring.  Vibration monitoring systems also supports our CMS element under reliability services for continuous or wireless monitoring systems.  We offer independent advice on sensory requirements to ensure a fiscally sound solution is selected that meets our client’s internal telemetry and supports future proofing.

As 53North focus on knowledge sharing and reliability improvement, including autonomous maintenance (AM), it is therefore essential that we also provide equipment to support clients in these areas.  Infrared technology offers an excellent first pass analysis with instant interpretation or trending capability.  In support of the reliability services, AM and Asset Care Templates (ACT), 53North supply Thermal Inspection windows and Thermal Camera’s for internal inspections.  Additionally, to this 53North have developed the Thermal Eye, which enables customers to go fully wireless and monitoring numerous locations from individual fixed camera’s; these can be linked to the Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS) and Auto lubrication Systems (ALS); which provides the process with artificial intelligence, therefore not only monitoring conditions, but also auto generates alarms from numerous methods, and automatically acts to provide first line maintenance.



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