53North reach over 53,000 hours without a Lost Time Accident

This Summer was a major milestone in 53North Groups history as we reached over 53,000 hours without a Lost Time Accident; this is a record we are incredibly proud of.

The safety of our team is of the upmost importance as we want everyone in our team to go home safe’ at the end of the working day.
Tom Clayton (Managing Director) commented ‘It is amazing to go over 6 years and 6 months without a lost time accident, particularly when you consider the team are working within an engineering and manufacturing environment.  I am really proud of this achievement and the whole team that work together to achieve it’.
The health and safety of our team is our first priority, we ensure rigorous safety procedures are in place and expect all our team to follow them at all times.  Accidents are not inevitable and we are committed to preventing them.  This is our commitment to our team and their families and to our customers. In the last 12 months we have raised over 400 work orders on our customers sites that identify hazards that have the potential to cause harm, making their factories safer for all that work in them.