53North announce Symphony Industrial AI partnership



53North are pleased to announce its latest supply partnership, Symphony Industrial AI. This exciting partnership makes wireless monitoring of assets using automated diagnostic AI available at an affordable monthly cost. Combining 53North’s asset management expertise, their connected analytical data center and Symphony Industrial AI’s world leading technology is a step forward for UK & Ireland’s predictive maintenance.

Symphony Industrial AI has the world’s largest machine condition database of equipment characteristics and fault modes in the world. The database has a data lake that has been built over the past 20 years and includes over 67 trillion data points from 81,000 unique machines. The result of this is that we can protect against over 1,200 unique failure modes.

With our certified analysis data centre and laboratory, 53North ensures that all machine data is linked to provide a coherent overview of asset health and have developed online platforms to improve service effectiveness.  The systems available from Symphony Industrial AI will help obtain higher accuracy in machine component status and drive forward digital transformation.

Due to advances in technology and software this high end premium service is now available on an all inclusive monthly subscription, so that it can be easily managed within maintenance budgets.

About Symphony Industrial AI
For 50+ years, SIAI have been innovators of industrial insight – from machine component health to plant
performance optimization. This has been enabled by a talented and rapidly growing team of deep
domain experts in process industries, discrete manufacturing, IIoT, and artificial intelligence. SIAI is a
company of innovation and firsts including:
• The largest rules base and fault condition library for machine health
• High accuracy data capture devices
• The industry’s first complete cloud enabled PdM program solution
• The industry’s largest data lake of machine health data
• The use of 3rd Generation AI to bring even higher fidelity into asset performance
management and plant operations optimization
Our solutions span Predictive Maintenance and Process Health & Optimization, including data
acquisition devices and software.


For more information on Symphony Industrial AI please visit their website https://symphonyindustrial.ai/

If you would like to find out more about this exciting product please contact 53North Group

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