Welcome to John Muir

53North would like to welcome John Muir to the team. John will work in the project team as a Junior technician, his focus will be supporting some of the key elements of data analysis of machine health data, criticality analysis, FMEA and other asset care systems.

We asked John to introduce himself; “Hello, my name is John Muir and I have joined 53 North as a Junior Project Technician. I graduated last year from the University of York with a BSc in Biological Science with a specialisation in science communication. I feel that the data science part of my degree will be of great benefit to me at 53 North as it will allow me to analyse the incoming data from assets more efficiently and be more confident in spotting possible problems. I also have experience in field work, and I am used to working to get the best possible results when not all resources may be available. I have recently moved to Leeds and I am really enjoying living and spending time in the city. My hobbies include reading and sports”

Welcome to the team John!